Top K- Beauty Trends Loved by Every Woman in 2018

There are a lot of young women who are constantly worried about their face and skin care regime, and it has gotten even more serious in today’s time when social media has taken over lives of almost everyone.

It has become difficult to take care of oneself due to hectic life schedule, but it is essential for every woman to take care of her skin to have a better personality and younger looks. You should get a healthy skin about which you can be proud of. Whether you have a light or dark skin tone, you need a smooth and fresh looking skin.

But it’s not easy to develop a great skin care routine as it requires a lot of switching, testing and trying different products, especially if you follow Korean skincare routine which includes 7 to 10 steps of varying product applications on a daily basis.

Ten steps to the trending skin care routineFirst of all, you will need to get the proper diet and then you should use the appropriate products in the right amount so that you don’t end up feeding unnecessarily to the skin. So, you need to manage the time of your skincare every day without skipping a single day.

When you see the market full of product launches and an endless stream of trends, you might get confused. Every year,  the skin care trends get changed, and this was the year of botanical and biotic products with natural ingredients in it. The beauty industry saw people shifting from popular brands to Korean brands that offer more natural ingredients in their products.

It is for some reason that Korea is the fifth largest country investing in the R&D in its cosmetic industry. With their governments support, Korea has always been able to produce outstanding beauty products. On average, it launches around 30 new products every month, and without a doubt, the products are a class apart.

The advanced thinking, unique ingredients, exceptional packaging, ease of use and care, the products never fail to capture the global market. Keeping up with its tradition year 2018 saw some famous cutting-edge Korean Beauty trends across the globe. 2018 saw different trends from no makeup look to glass skin getting famous among young women from all around the world. Let’s have a look at some trends most loved by women this year–

Anti-Pollution Products

With acceleration in industrialization and global warming, there has been a tremendous rise in pollution index. The damage pollution causes to the skin is known to all. Keeping this in mind, there has been a high rise in anti-pollution products whose focal aim is to fight against pollutants and protect the skin. There are mask sheets, sunscreens, and serums curated specifically to combat the negative impact of environmental aggressors.

Sun Screens

On similar lines as above, there is widespread understanding of how powerfully the sun can be dangerous for the skin. This saw the need for SPF in various products like facial oils, compacts, and BB creams even. Sunscreen Cushions were a huge rave of 2017. The year 2018 brought Sun Sticks to the limelight. Sun sticks were a summer favorite. The ease of application, easy to carry and hygiene were some features that made it an instantly likable.


This term has become the latest buzzword. After serums, essences, and facial oils, Ampoules have followed in the queue of skincare staples. Ampoules are similar to serums, but the distinguishing feature is the Ampoules contain the super high concentrated version of one active essence. They come in super-tiny bottles and are light as water to use. Multiple ampoules can be used to treat different skin issues effectually. Their ability to effectively tackle issues made them a huge trend.

Derma Cosmetic Products

Korean skincare products are famous for using natural ingredients such as plant extracts, food items, and snail slimes. They have moved a step further and brought forth products that provide clinical results. Cosmetic products coupled with medical ingredients provided charismatic results and were welcomed with open arms. Derma-Cosmetic brands are big in the picture, and their craze fails to die out soon.


What is a K-Beauty trend without the mention of any treatments or rather say painful treatments?  Derma rolling and micro needling are two treatments doing rounds currently in the beauty and skincare industry. These treatments stimulate the production of collagen by creating micro wounds on the face to reduce acne scarring. The gain has indeed come after the pain.

Facial Soaps

Until recently the use of soaps on the face was a big No No. But the Korean beauty experts and product developers have a solution to all such problems. The Cleansing soaps made a successful come back after long. Special facial cleansing soaps have been made to save users from undergoing complicated skin care routines and rituals.

Beauty masksMasks for Face

With even Korean celebrities emphasizing on the importance of using a mask a day has made the global population bag the facial mask sheets in abundance. The Korean Facial Masks are not only cheap but also supremely effective. One can find numerous masks for the numerous skin issues. They are easy to use and save one from the hassle of making one at home and being all messy. They moisturize and hydrate the skin quickly without leaving it too dry or extracting the natural facial oils. They can be carried around and used wherever one is, be it a lunch break at the office for instant freshness or before heading to a party for the radiant glow. You can easily find your favorite sheet mask brands on popular site likes Peach & Lily’s K-Beauty store.

Makeup Trends

With skincare, the world also witnessed some different makeup trends. The Freckles Makeup Look was amongst many that caught everyone’s eyes. Having freckles on the makeup has become an in thing. They tend to give away a beachy look and a healthy sun-kissed look.


Be it a 3 step, 7 step or more step skincare routine, K-beauty trends top all the routines. Their effectiveness and ease of use make them an all-time favorite and trustworthy for the users. With the major success of these trends in 2018, there is no doubt that some of them will continue to be favorite among women for that dewy fresh face.

Looking forward to 2019 to see what’s stays and what leaves, until then don’t forget to try your share of the latest K-beauty trend.