Tim Ash’s Seven Deadly Landing Page Sins

Tim Ash, from Site Tuners gave a great presentation on landing page optimization. Tim’s presentation entitled, “The Seven Deadly Landing Page Sins” was so good we decided to pass along the information.

landing page sins

Here’s the list:

  1. Unclear Call To Action: Make sure your call to action is obvious. Clear, concise calls to action need to be the most prominent part of any landing page.
  2. Too Many Choices: Keep the number of links on your landing page to a minimum. Remember, we want the reader to click on the link that’s associated with the call to action, not everywhere else
  3. Asking For Too Much Information: Minimize the barrier to entry by not trying to capture all of the reader’s information. Quiz: How much info do we ask for to download TMC’s Digital Marketing eBook?
  4. Too Much Text: The marketing strategy behind your landing should always be for people to act. Muddling the page up with a lot of text is a great way to lose your audience.
  5. Not Keeping Your Promises: This one is simple; deliver on your call to action. What ever it says you are going to do, you must do.
  6. Visual Distractions: Whenever possible use a minimalist design. Tim remarked, “keep your designers on a short leash.” Makes sense to me.
  7. Lack of Trust: There is a good possibility that people don’t click because they don’t trust you. Publish who your company works with and what associations you are involved in prominently. Place logos or symbols of trust above the fold whenever possible.

Really, when you look down this list – it’s rather simple. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to optimize your landing page. Follow these steps and stay away from the Seven Deadly Landing Page Sins and watch your conversion rates increase.