Online Marketing Innovations of 2017

The year 2017 has brought in a lot of changes for online marketing. Search engines define and put forward the rules of what’s accepted and what should be trusted online, so the rules always change. If you want to be successful with your business, then you must keep in tide with the trends in online marketing.

2017 SEO strategiesThe marketing strategies we’ve seen for 2017 are either new or improvements of former tactics. Some are poised to stay for a while because of their success rates, while other tactics had ended before they even got famous. You may think, why do some strategies work while others do not?

One of the reasons why some tactics work is because they have a vision that looks far ahead. These do not only attempt to make your brand viral for now, but also for the future. Don’t get me wrong. These strategies are challenging to put into work. However, it is worth it if we’re talking long-term.

Some other tactics are way easier to pull through but are unsustainable. Therefore, you end up spending more on these tactics that would have been more effective if you chose the strategies that won’t work in the short-term but will, eventually, in the future.

What are the critical lessons for 2017? Authenticity is essential, and search engines are recognizing that now. In the past, fake likes, reviews, and links may have been useful, but search engines are now smarter than ever before. It is good news for everyone who wants more quality with what they see online.

What lessons have the year 2017 taught us about online marketing? Here are some of them:

1. You need a mobile site

It used to be optional to have a mobile version of your site. It is not the case anymore because it is now expected for every business owning a website to have both desktop and mobile versions of their sites. Many people now check for information on their phones or tablets, and usually, PCs and laptops are used for work. So, if you want to have a bigger audience, then you must publish an excellent mobile site for your brand.

Sticking to the best business practices2. Sponsored stories are now frowned upon

Hidden affiliate links on articles were accepted before by search engines. There’s been a crackdown on these this year, and it is great for everyone because it means this type of tacky behavior is not tolerated anymore. Search engines now make it compulsory for all websites to inform the audience adequately should there be a sponsor of the post.

The year 2017 has taught a lot of lessons for SEO marketing. The key takeaway? To succeed online, you need to be authentic and genuine. Search engines will always find a way to put holes on your faults. But if you remain faithful to the best business practices, then surely, your efforts will be rewarded.

Now is the time to revamp your site if you have any of these mistakes. It is not too late given that there are three more weeks before we welcome 2018.