PPC for Small Businesses

Pay per click management is vital in your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you decide to spend money to get hits. If you are planning on paying for each click directed to your site by search engines, then you naturally want to maximize those keywords for best results.

Plenty of companies are willing to handle pay per click management for you — at a hefty little price. These companies are quite adept at handling PPC, but if you want to invest a little time and effort into learning the intricacies of pay per click management yourself, you can save a little money.

Pay Per Click Management: Keyword Selection

Finding the best keywords to drive visitors to your site is the most significant part of the game. Write down the words you feel web surfers will use to find their way to your site. Go to Google Adwords and enter the keyword combinations you came up with. You will get statistics on some hits the keywords are expected to generate, as well as the approximate cost per click.

The PPC ProcessThe balancing act is to find a combination of decent traffic keywords, without spending a ton of money for each click. While high-density keyword combinations would seemingly yield more results, if your cost per click is too high, it eats into your potential profitability.

Pay Per Click Management: Carefully Choose Where Your Clickers are Sent

Once you have determined your keywords and want to begin your campaign, make sure you have set up a right landing page where your visitors will be sent. Many times, people have the clicks go directly to the homepage. It might prove very beneficial to send them instead to a page that details why your product or service is invaluable, speaking directly to the topic the selected keywords you used would suggest.

If you have something free to offer, an e-book or some other type of digital doo-dad, have them land on the page with that offer. Develop a good, strong relationship with your customer before you hit them with the “give me your money” page. The key is, the landing page you set up has to immediately capture the prospective customer, based specifically on the keywords used to find your page. Above all, don’t forget that fact.

Pay Per Click Management: Make Sure Your Site Creates a Relationship

Be acutely aware of who your potential customers are, and what you feel they would find interesting and attractive on a website. Remember, you are trying to develop a personal, yet business, relationship with them.

Give them all the information they might need or want regarding your goods or services, and do it in a manner that is friendly and accommodating. Make them want to build a relationship with your company, which will likely result in them spending their money with you.

Pay per click management is very conquerable if you go into it in an intelligent, deftly planned manner. You can do it.

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