Table of Contents


Part I – Background

Chapter 1 – Setting The Stage (Read PDF version)
A Few Precious Moments…
The Three Keys to Online Marketing
The Myth of Perfect Conversion
What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Chapter 2 – Understanding Your Landing Page
Landing Page Types
What Parts of Your Site Are Mission Critical?
Who Is Your Landing Page Designed For?
What Is the Desired Conversion Action?
What Is the Lifetime Value of the Conversion Action?

Chapter 3 – Understanding Your Audience
Empathy: The Key Ingredient
Covering the Complete Story
Demographics and Segmentation
Behavioral Styles
User-Centered Design
The Matrix

Chapter 4 – Understanding The Decision Process
Overview of the Decision Process
Awareness (Attention)

Part II – What & How To Tune

Chapter 5 – Why Your Site Is Not Perfect
Your Baby is Ugly
Uncovering Problems
Welcome to Your Brain
Usability Basics

Chapter 6 – Selecting Elements to Tune
How to Think About Test Elements
Selecting Elements to Tune
Tuning Multiple-Page Flows
Timeless Testing Themes
Price Testing

Chapter 7 – The Math of Tuning
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
You Are Here:
Have I Found Something Better?
How Sure Do I Need To Be?
How Much Better Is It?
How Long Should My Test Run?
Variable Interactions

Chapter 8 – Tuning Methods
Introduction To Tuning
Common Tuning Issues
Overview Of Tuning Methods
A-B Split Testing
Multivariate Testing

Part III – Getting It Done

Chapter 9 – Getting Buy-in & Assembling Your Team
The Usual Suspects
The Company Politics Of Tuning
Getting Started Strategies
Insource or Outsource?

Chapter 10 – Developing Your Action Plan
Before You Begin
Understand Your Business Objectives
Build Support & Assemble Your Team
Determine Your Landing Pages & Traffic Sources
Decide What Constitutes Success
Uncover Problems & Decide What To Test
Select An Appropriate Tuning Method
Implement & Conduct QA
Collect The Data
Analyze The Results & Verify Improvement

Chapter 11 – Avoiding The Pitfalls
A Final Warning
Ignoring Your Baseline
Collecting Enough Data
Variable Interactions
Assuming That Testing Has No Costs
Delayed Conversions
Search Engine Considerations

Appendix A – A Closer Look At The Google Website Optimizer