Conversion Derived from Building Relationships with Your Customer

The goal of any website is to draw in visitors. But that is only the beginning. A one-shot visitor is just that, one shot at a sale or conversion. You have to connect and convert. When a visitor is one that returns, again and again, they are more than a visitor, they become a customer, and the customer has the potential to bring real returns.

The question then becomes what makes this person return? Of course, there is the content that the site provides to bring value that will make them want to return. But it can be more than that. The thing that will make someone want to return again and again is the sense of belonging. That is where the relationship begins. The connection that is established serves as a bridge between the customer and the site.

Trust is a factor for online successIt Takes Trust

The first thing in building a relationship is the building of trust. Too many sites collect email addresses and information with the intent to sell this information to others for profit. This sold information is then used as lists and possibly as spam. As a reputable site, this must be a no-brainer philosophy and is the first building block of trust is a privacy policy that information will never be sold, traded, or otherwise compromised and strictly enforced.

Ongoing Information Exchange

Most customers want to be informed about updated information on a topic of interest, new products on the market, and in general, news. What they do not want is the feeling of being spammed. Even in the best environments, there is an overabundance of information, and if the customer feels bombarded, it will not build a good foundation.

It is best if the site offers many options for an update. In general, email is the most common, but it can be the most derisive form of communications if not used correctly. If the site offers daily updates, it should also provide a weekly compilation so that the user can get the same information, but just once a week, or even once a month.

Keep Commitments

When using email for communication, keep the commitments that have been generated. If the site says it will send updates once a day, don’t send out more than that. If it means that it will send tips to make the user’s life easier, don’t send sales pitches. Nothing will anger a customer than to be taken advantage of.

Please, Feed the Customer

Better yet is to use RSS feeds. They are not as invasive, and the user can check on updates at their will. Freebies like eBooks or exclusive discounts when they signup for your newsletters could establish long-term connections that can be valuable. From an internet marketing standpoint, they give the site more latitude to provide more information, and they bestow the customer better ways filter the data they have to deal with.

Be True to Your Customer

To build an internet marketing program based on building relationships takes not only time but trust. It takes upholding a commitment to serving the customer and putting their needs first. It takes a lot to build trust and doesn’t entail a lot of effort to tear it down.

By putting the customer first and taking great care in monitoring that the site does not compromise this trust, the user will not only show the respect by returning, but also by recommending your landing page to others that they feel would benefit from the website.